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Type III Collagen Peptide

Type III Collagen Peptide

Collagen in normal adult skin is mainly type l and IIl,accounting for 80%-85%,and 10%-15%,respectively.Type I collagen is thick and the main component of the skin,while type lIl collagen is small and the main component of the reticular structure in the skin.The total amount of collagen in normal skin shows a decreasing trend with age,

however,type lll collagen shows a decreasing trend after birth,and the ratio of type l and IIl collagen gradually increasing.Therefore,type Ill collagen is also known as "infant collagen".

Type Ill collagen peptide is made by Semnl using unique technology such as extraction,enzymatic hydrolysis,and refinement.It contains rich type Ill collagen peptides,which specifically promote the expression of type lll collagen.


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